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Word From The Principal



Dearest Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome each and every one of you to the Aalphabetz Preschool Family. We are delighted that you have chosen our institution for your precious children,as their first step into the magical world of learning. My team and I promise to live up to the trust you have placed in us.

Here at Aalphabetz Preschool, we aspire to provide our pupils with a holistic education that transcends the borders of classrooms and textbooks. We follow the internationally renowned Montessori kindergarten curriculum that focuses on early-years education through playful activities that stimulate all senses. To this effect, in addition to our well-equipped classrooms, we also have vast and verdant outdoor spaces in which the children can directly be in touch with nature viz. the playground, sand pit, and child safe splash pool. We believe that now, more than ever before, it is important to instill in the younger generation the importance of environment protection and living in harmony with Mother Earth. 

Am happy to note that as a result of our efforts, the school has grown in repute as a haven of academic excellence for the young children in the locality. This is to large extent thanks to our dedicated and experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching and are also patient and caring towards young children and their individual needs. 

We have attempted to adapt to the growing requirements of our community since our establishment in 2017 by consistently upgrading our facilities and amenities. Happy to report in this regard, that new school buses have been added to our fleet to make the transportation of your children both safe and convenient. The construction of the new school building for higher classes has also begun and we look forward to welcoming older children onto our campus very soon.

Of immediate concern of course is the global COVID 19 pandemic crisis that has disrupted life as we knew it. Education in particular has taken on a completely new trajectory all across the world. As a result, your children will be the first group to begin their academic journey through online learning at our school.

We understand your apprehensions of the same, and request your patience and continued cooperation as we all get accustomed to this new way of learning. You can rest assured that our classes have been duly modified to fit into an e-learning system, with the technology required to enable seamless engagement. We have also invested our efforts in training our teachers with the technical and psychological know-how to navigate this new challenge. At this juncture it is not possible to predict how long this will go on for; but, whenever we do open out our campus for the children, we will ensure that all guidelines from the health authorities are followed to safeguard the safety of our students. This particular batch of pre-school children may not realize it right now, but they will be a defining cohort in the global education system over the years. 

Of course, this process cannot be complete without the support of our esteemed parents, and we look towards you as our partners in this journey. By working together, we can create a collaborative community spirit to ensure the best outcomes for all the young ones of Aalphabetz Preschool.

I look forward to watching the school successfully tide over this critical period and am sure that together, we will emerge, shining brighter than before. 

Wish you all safe and healthy times ahead. 

Best Regards,
Sreela Venugopal


“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”
Maria Montessori (Italian Physician and educator).

A concept oriented preschool


To nurture the next generation of citizens of our planet as loving, caring and responsible individuals


Provide a serene environment that is child oriented and conducive for learning. We encourage children to think independently and enjoy what they do. To learn even when they play !


While learning will happen both indoors and outdoors, we have made our classrooms bright, colourful and inviting. Both the interior and exterior walls have pictures and posters to remind the children what they have learnt in a fun way. Our classrooms are cheerful and inviting places, and soon your little ones will be eager to come to school each day! It is our Commitment to ensure the safety and protection of the kids - the school is under CCTV Surveillance.


The Activity area is spacious and comfortable so that each child can engage in the activities at his or own pace. Activities such as folding, pasting, paper craft, clay modelling, painting will be done in a fun and memorable way to that the child enjoys it while developing their fine motor skills. We have a separate audio-visual room to introduce the children to various sight and sounds, so that they have an all-round development.


The Play area - is equipped with swings slides, merry-go-round, trampoline, and many other play equipment. In addition, we have a splash pool and sand pit area. Children are exposed to activities that develop their gross motor skills and make them grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Whiile we encourage our children to have fun, safety is paramount, and we make sure that all activities are conducted in a safe manner.