Curriculum – aalphabetz


play group
Ages 2 – 3 Years

Children are initiated into learning through a myriad of fun activities that focus on learning through rhymes, storytelling, puppet play, character play etc. To develop their fine motor skills, children are taught to use crayons, do finger and object printing, work with clay and other natural materials etc. Children are also gently introduced to pre-reading skills involving recognition of alphabets and numbers.

Ages 3 – 4 Years

In Nursery, we continue to develop the hands on activities including coloring, pasting, character play, and games. Activities may range from nursery rhymes to rhyming word games; picture reading to show and tell; classification of objects to sequencing, matching and sorting. Phonological activities, exploratory play, and experimental learning, as well as life skills are used to enhance other domains of development.

Ages 4 – 5 Years

Pre-learnt concepts meet application in the LKG program as the crucial skills that were developed in the Nursery program are allowed to go through experimenting in the next level of learning. This transition phase continues to use different types of activities to help the children imbibe the necessary skills to take them to the next level. At this stage, we also expand the child’s horizons by introducing them to the Hindi language.

Ages 5 – 6 Years

This is the last stage of pre-school. Reading, writing, and mathematics are strengthened along with logical and reasoning skills to equip the child with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to prepare them for their next step in formal schooling.