Learning With Music & Art

Our curriculum incorporates music and art in all our activities. Children love classes in art, music, dance, and drama because they are taught differently and demand their total involvement. Arts help students stay in school, increase motivation, improve attitudes, and attendance.

Experienced Teachers, Dedicated Staff

When your children come to our school, they are lovingly cared for by our dedicated staff. All our teachers are experienced and trained in the Montessori teaching methodology, which has also coached them on how to interact most caringly with the children. Our teachers have been handpicked for their undying passion towards teaching.

Vibrant & Motivating School Environment

Our spacious and eco-friendly campus provides the children with an arena where fun activities are integrated into a learning environment. Our classrooms are designed with stimulating objects that encourage children to use their curiosity to discover and understand their spaces. Our teaching method is unique and efficient.

About Aalphabetz

A preschool is the first time your bundle of joy is going to spend time outside the safe environment of your home. For most parents the choice of preschool is the first major decision they are taking for their children and want to ensure that it is the right one.

At Aalphabetz we recognize this fact and have taken all steps to make the child and parent comfortable. We want our children to interact closely with the environment and the school is built up in a large green area with many open spaces for the school facilities. The children can move around freely and feel close to nature.

These are important formative years for our children and we will inculcate values around caring, sharing, being sensitive about each other and the environment, bring confident and inquisitive, and being respectful. All this in a safe and comfortable environment where they will constantly be learning yet will feel that they are always having fun.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To nurture the next generation of citizens of our planet as loving, caring and responsible individuals

Our Mission

Provide a serene environment that is child oriented and conducive for learning. We encourage children to think independently and enjoy what they do. To learn even when they play !


Our rich curriculum based on the renowned Montessori Method incorporates fun-filled activities to create a robust learning environment where children enjoy their education. We believe that planting the seeds of pleasure in learning is what will equip our students with the motivation for pursuing academic achievement.

Playgroup 2 – 3 Years

We make this big step out of their home one that your tiny tot will remember for a lifetime through our fun filled activities and caring approach.

Nursery 3 – 4 Years

We inculcate and reinforce the fun in learning in this phase as children develop their skills through more advanced forms of playful activities.

Lower Kindergarten (LKG)

4 – 5 Years

Time to put all those skills into practice as children apply what they have learnt into a slightly more formalized form of education.

Upper Kindergarten (UKG)

5 – 6 Years

We use this year for the final transformation of your young tot to a confident child that armed with the reading, writing, and mathematical skills required to take on the challenges and opportunities that formal schooling will bring in Grade 1.

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We believe that pre-school should be a dynamic experience where we can establish strong, educational, social, and artistic foundations in children, which they can build upon for the rest of their lives.


What I like about the Aalphabetz Preschool is the loving and caring environment. The teachers and staff are wonderful and caring. Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities, we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in our children. Each day we hear stories from our son about the fun, Activities and learning that he has experienced; reinforced by the photos and stories that the educators share with us. Thank you for the professionalism, nurturing and dedication and the warm welcoming environment every day!

Sajith Vijayan -

CEO GoldCube Technologies

Aalphabetz preschool is my daughter Shreya’s second home because of the well maintained homely ambiance. With ample play materials, toys and the children’s park, Aalphabetz really mesmerizes her. Above all the well trained, affectionate and caring teachers and staff give individual attention to each and every child. They inspire the child to develop various learning skills like LSRW and other talents. All important national days are celebrated with the participation of the children and their parents. Aalphabetz is a fantastic place for our little loved ones joyous learning and play.

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